Our water proof height adjustable staging is adjustable to the following heights: 61 cm, 81 cm, 101 cm 121 cm). It can be set-up on slopes, uneven ground and even at the beach! Rain, sleet and snow, it can handle it all! These stages are made to stand up to the harshest elements and can support weight up 1270kgs/sq.mtr. They are made from a lightweight, durable and rugged all aluminum construction and are fast and easy to assemble and disassemble and can be stored compactly. They can also be configured in various heights and configurations to form chair risers and choral risers. Stairs, guardrails and skirting and transportation trolleys are also available. If you need a quote on a custom sized stage, please call one of our friendly staging experts, email us or use our stage builder us for a free quote and design.

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