All-Terrain Stages

Are you in need of an outdoor stage that is weather resistant or weather proof?
Do you need a outdoor stage that can be set-up on slopes and uneven ground?
Are you craving a stage that is lightweight, compact and easy to set-up?
Do you need stage to be installed on grass slopes, street pavement or at the beach?

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If you answered yes, then All Terrain Staging is here to meet your needs. The perfect indoor and outdoor stage, All Terrain Staging, boldly goes where no stage has gone before! This revolutionary staging is modular, height adjustable and available in both weather-proof and weather-resistant finishes. What makes it really special is that it can be set-up on uneven ground and slopes. The Stage Depot’s All-Terrain Staging is the most rugged, heavy-duty portable outdoor stage on the market today with these amazing features:

  • Modular design (stage platforms available in 4’x4′ sections) allows the stage to be expanded or configured as needed
  • Height adjustable design; the same stage can be height-adjusted to 4 different heights 24″ 32″, 40″and 48″
  • All-Terrain design allows stages to be set-up on uneven ground and slopes
  • Available in 2 finishes: weather resistant and waterproof
  • Supports weight up to 280 lbs. per square foot.
  • Lightweight, durable and rugged all-aluminum construction
  • Fast and easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • Compact storage
  • Stage stairs, stage guardrails and stage skirting are available
  • Can be configured in various heights and configurations to form chair risers and choral risers

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